Grambling State Policies and Procedures Webpage is the official source for policies and procedures, serving as a readily accessible repository for the Grambling community. Policy and Procedures are created for institutional governance by establishing standard procedures for the operation of the University. Policy and Procedures, which apply to GSU, serve to implement or interpret various laws, rules, regulations, policies and to reflect the University's chosen method of managing its affairs. Typically, policies and procedures originate with the monitoring unit to address campus-wide policy issues. Policies and procedures are also created to interpret and implement Permanent Memoranda and Bylaws & Regulations of the Board or according to state and federal law requirements.

The policies and procedures described here are not intended and should not be interpreted as a contract between the University and any employee. This information does not constitute a legal document, nor does it constitute an employment contract. It does not confer any legal rights or create any contractual obligations, expressed or implied.

The University takes due care to ensure that policies comply with applicable controlling laws, rules, and regulations when issued. However, it is recognized that changes in such laws, rules, and regulations may result in all or a portion of a Policy becoming null or incorrect until a necessary revision is made. In such cases, those portions of a Policy that are contrary to or in conflict with any controlling law, rule, or regulation are invalid. To that extent, the remainder of the Policy is unaffected by a change in controlling laws, rules, and regulations; that remaining portion of the Policy will remain valid and in effect. Policies are updated regularly, and the University reserves the right to change, modify, or supersede any of these policies and procedures with or without notice at any time. The University is committed to keeping the Policies and Procedures up-to-date. However, because of changing policies, members of the University should consult the online Manual themselves to verify what is current.


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