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GSU Police Station Photo - 2021

Campus safety and security are coordinated by the Grambling State University Police Department, which has a force of fourteen (14) sworn police officers with full arrest powers. As an armed police department, patrol members respond to all emergencies, dispatched by four professionally trained dispatchers.

Grambling State University Police Officers must meet the highest standards in Louisiana for Law Enforcement Officers. The officers have passed a basic training program administered by the State University of Louisiana Police Academy and undergo continuous training to upgrade their skills. Officers have been trained in emergency medical procedures and first aid. They conduct vehicular patrols on the campus and residence hall areas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

The objectives of the University Police are to provide a safe environment for teaching, research and social endeavors and to protect the lives and property of the students, employees, and visitors of Grambling State University. This objective is pursued within the framework of the University rules and regulations and all local, state and federal laws. The investigation of crimes committed on the campus fall under the jurisdiction of the University Police Department. The University Police also work closely with the City Police, Sheriff’s Department, and the Louisiana State Police to assist them with incidents that may occur off campus but involve campus staff or students.

Mission Statement

The University Police Department at the Grambling State University was established primarily to maintain and preserve the peace on campus. It also serves to protect the life and property of all the individuals who utilize the college facilities including students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The University Police Department recruit personnel who are able to relate to and be part of the College community.

In order to do an effective job, the University Police Department also solicits the aid of all segments of the campus community to help us protect and serve all campus personnel, physical facilities, and property. The University Police Department recognizes its obligation to conduct its activities and treat all persons in a lawful, fair, equitable, and evenhanded manner without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, political affiliation, or personal interest.

The University Police Department is operated as a basic crime prevention, service, and enforcement unit. University Police is the only 24-hour department on campus which the campus community can depend for services at any hour of the day or night. Good service depends on the immediate response to any given situation. While the college sleeps, University Police is called upon for services which cannot be given by others. The campus community deserves a law enforcement operation that can act as a protective and preventive force that can respond intelligently, swiftly and effectively to any emergency or other situation.

Emergency Numbers

Grambling State University Police Department
(318) 274-2222 (24-hour number)
(318) 274-2219

Grambling State University (General Information)
(318) 274-3811

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For more information about other crime prevention programs contact:

Grambling State University
University Police Department
531 RWE Jones Dr.
P.O. Box 4286
Grambling, Louisiana 71245
Phone: (318) 274-2222

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