Office of Student Affairs

The responsibility of the Student Affairs Team is to respond to the needs of the individual student attending Grambling State University and ensure that they receive a quality education and a pleasant college experience.  The individual university units that report to the Vice President of Student Affairs are:


The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to advance the educational purpose and institutional values of Grambling State University. The division strives to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the students, to advance the integration of the curricular and co-curricular areas of student life, and to enhance students’ affective and cognitive development.  Student Affairs seeks to foster a safe and healthy environment that encourages and supports student involvement, as well as optimum development.  Additionally, the division provides leadership in building alliances with the University community and its various stakeholders.





Rudolph K Ellis, Ed. D. Interim Vice President Student Affairs
Rudolph K Ellis, Ed. D.
Vice President
Student Affairs 

Terry Lilly, Dean of Student - Student Affairs
Terry Lilly,
Dean of Student
Student Affairs

Bridgette Williams, Executive Coordinator Student Affairs
Bridgette Williams

Executive Coordinator
    Student Affairs 

Cyril  B. Burch, Administrative  Assistant 4
Cyril B. Burch
Administrative Assistant 4