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Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar places service to students and faculty first among its priorities, recognizing these persons as the office’s primary constituency. As a primary information resource for students and faculty, this office actively seeks ways to effectively communicate and to inform students of their rights, responsibilities and procedures.

Acting as a watcher and conscience for the University, this office balances the perceived interests of the university administration and its own constituents to ensure that policies and procedures are fully executed in a manner that is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of those the University seeks to serve.

The Office of the Registrar pledges to be an exemplary model within the University for service and execution of duty. The highest quality of service is sought through the performance of its staff in accordance with the values articulated in the Ethics of the Office of the Registrar.


The Office of the Registrar engages in efforts to minimize enrollment barriers and serve students, faculty, staff, alumni and external organizations in support of the university’s goals of professionalism, outstanding customer service, efficiency and accuracy. We aspire to advance technologically, encourage growth support academics and promote communication.



Patricia J. Hutcherson, 
University Registrar
Registrar’s Office
Grambling State University
P. O. Box 589
Grambling Hall, Suite 18
Grambling, Louisiana 71245
Office Number (318) 274-2385
Fax Number (318) 274-2777

Regular Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday  7:30  A.M.- 5:00 P.M.
Friday-7:30 A.M. -11:30 A.M.

VA Education Benefit Representative- Contact Information

Corey Pruitt (Registrar’s Office, VA School Certifying Official
Phone: 318-274-2601
Fax: 318-274-2777
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 589, Grambling, LA  71245
Physical Address:  100 Founders, Grambling Hall, Suite 18~ Grambling, LA  71245

Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs

Phone:  225-219-5000 or 1-877-GEAUXVA
Fax:     225-219-5590
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 94095~Baton Rouge, LA  70804


The following classes are not available for 100% online delivery and will only be taught in a face-to-face format during the Spring 2021 Semester: CHEM 344, CHEM 432, CIS 120, CIS 209, CIS 385, CJ 453, DET 309, FCHE 302, MC 240, MC 250, MC 330, MC 350, MC 370, MC 404, MC 495, MUS 121, MUS 141, MUS 151, MUS 152, MUS 161, MUS 171, MUS 181, MUS 191, MUS 271, NUR 225, NUR 316, NUR 316K, NUR 317, NUR 317K, NUR 318, NUR 418, NUR 419, NUR 419K, NUR 420, NUR 420K, PE 116, REC 350, REC 406, SW 414, SW 418.