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The College of Education is the oldest college in the University and has been nationally accredited since 1964. We seek to produce graduates who are competent and compassionate professionals. In preparing graduates for work in P-12 and higher education settings, our faculty and staff strive to produce candidates and graduates who value academic excellence, diversity, equity and fairness.

Our faculty members endeavor to ensure that their candidates acquire the professional skills, dispositions and knowledge-base that reflect best practices in research, service, and teaching within the field of education.


The College of Education has three departments, namely: Curriculum and Instruction; Kinesiology, Sport and Leisure Studies; and Developmental and Higher Education Studies. All departments have undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and are intensely engaged in innovative projects designed to expand the knowledge base in the field of education. Additionally, the College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate discipline-based teacher education concentrations and programs in collaboration with the COE. Thus, both colleges constitute the Educator Preparation Unit for Grambling State University.

Producing knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate educators and other school professionals in the place: “Where Everybody is Somebody.”

The mission of the College of Education mirrors the original mission of the university, which strives to improve the quality of life for students and surrounding communities. The College’s Conceptual Framework has three strands: Masters of Subject Matter Content, Facilitators of Learning, and Enhancers and Nurturers of Affective Behaviors. Additionally, the College's philosophy is: Committing to excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and professional development through life-long learning and the empowerment of learners.

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