Citizen Complaints

Complaint Procedures

A citizen has a right to initiate a complaint with the Grambling University Police at Grambling regarding the actions or behavior of any member of department’s staff. 

A citizen will be directed to the on-duty supervisor.  If there is not a supervisor on duty, the complainant will be informed when the next supervisor will be on duty and can arrange for a meeting.  The on-duty supervisor will conduct a preliminary interview to determine the nature of the complaint and the identity of the department member involved.  If warranted or requested, the complainant will be provided with the Department Complaint form and assisted in the completion of the form. The citizen can be accompanied by another person if they choose, but must sign a release indicating that they are allowing the department member to share information and documentation about this incident.

The supervisor will fully and courteously answer any questions regarding the department’s complaint and internal investigations procedure.  There are several routes to take with a complaint; each can be described along with their limitations.
Complaints can be initiated by other means not only a citizen complaint.  Avenues for the complaint will vary from a simple Inquiry of Policy or Law, to Mediation, to a formal internal affairs investigation.  Reports could further result in Remedial Training, Policy Review, Counseling, or Formal Disciplinary Action in accordance with the member’s union contract.



For more information about other crime prevention programs contact:

Grambling State University
University Police Department
531 RWE Jones Dr.
P.O. Box 4286
Grambling, Louisiana 71245
Phone: (318) 274-2222

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