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Office of University Operations

Office of University Operations

Office of University Operations

The Grambling State University Office of University Operations works to deliver student-centered growth and excellence through core services, institutional efficiency, and strategic management of the university’s functional needs. In collaboration with campus, community, and alumni partners, we help deliver operational excellence to enrich the lives of our students and the growth of our institution.


Human Resources
The Office of Human Resources grows and maintains a quality work experience while powering our operations with Louisiana’s best talent.

Information Technology
The Office of Information technology supports our students, faculty, and staff in accomplishing each your goals through innovation and technology.

Strategic Initiatives
The Office of Strategic Initiatives collaborates to drive measurable, effective positive impact and value growth throughout our University community.

The Office of University Communications leads the growth, management, and amplification of the university’s brand, reputation, and presence.

Facilities Planning & Management
The Office Facilities Planning & Management enables University-wide success through the management and optimization of the GSU physical plant and relates services.


Safety & Risk Management

The Office of Safety and Risk Management works to provide a safe environment for all students, employees, and visitors.

Title IX / EEO
The Office of Title IX / Equal Employment Opportunity works to provide a safe academic environment and workplace that is free from harassment or discrimination to our community, faculty, staff, students, guests and service providers.

University Police
The Office of University Police provides security, and safety services to ensure the compliance and safety of all university students, personnel, and visitors.



A full list of Grambling State University policies and procedures can be found in the online University Policies & Procedures portal


The Office of University Operations Team

Martin Lemelle, Jr. Chief Operating Officer & Interim Vice President for Finance & Administration
Martin Lemelle, Jr. **

Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer | (318) 274-6124

Peggy Hanley

Director of Administrative Computing | (318) 274-6546

Lori Williams

Associate Vice President for Operations/
Chief Human Resources Officer | (318) 274-6110

Frederick Carr
Director of Facilities Planning & Management | (318) 274-3175

Director of Safety & Risk Management
 | (318)274-2419

Ashley Cleveland
Tiger1 Card Coordinator | (318) 274-2081

Jerry Melton
Chief of University Police | (318)274-2222

Beverly W. Crawford
Title IX Coordinator / EEO Officer | (318) 274-2660

Casey Byrd
Director of Operations & Compliance
Operations & Strategy | (318) 274-4653