MFA Portal Login Screen

Grambling State University’s IT Department takes cybersecurity threats very seriously, and we need your support and contribution to keep the university data safe. In alignment with our strategic goals, we have been working to add a layer of security while using online accounts.

While continuing to advance our security initiatives, we want to enhance self-service functionality to support your needs.


  • Students: first part of email address (WITHOUT
  • Faculty/Staff:  first part of email address (WITHOUT
  • Password: Use the same password you use to log into your email.

TIP: If you go to Microsoft 365 first and enter your full email address, you will be redirected to the portal login. Once at the portal login screen, do not enter the or part.

Users will be prompted to provide new secret answers and an alternate email address the first time they log back into the portal.

Setting up your security question answers allows you to reset your password without contacting the IT helpdesk.

The IT department highly recommends that you setup phone and email MFA options.  You can have an alternate email and two phone numbers associated to your account.  This will limit the need to contact the IT Helpdesk for support getting into your account.

TIP:  DO NOT use your university email address as your MFA email.  Use a personal email account.  Remember, you will need to receive the code to access your GSU email.

Users should click “Forgot Password” on the login screen to reset their password.  Forgot Password cannot be used until secret answers are captured in the new system.

When MFA is turned on, users will have both text and email options to receive the verification codes. Register all of your preferred options when you sign into the portal.



The University does not have complete control of message delivery to your external email provider. While verification codes are sent immediately, some email providers take longer to deliver messages. Often, SMS text messages are delivered faster than email messages. If you have a mobile phone, you are encouraged to register your phone number in the portal. If email delivery is your only option, please open your mailbox in another browser window/tab before you log into the portal. This step should cut down on the time needed to retrieve your verification code.

Verification codes are only active for a few minutes after they have been sent. Please allow some time for the verification code to arrive. If you click resend to generate another verification code, be sure to use the latest code sent. Carefully type your verification code to ensure accuracy.


Getting Help

For help, please send an email to or call Ext. 2623