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Office of Student Accounts

Office of Student Accounts

Third Party Facts

Third Party is a form of a contract between the university, the student, and the outside agency agreeing to pay for any tuition, fees, books, and supplies for the student. The Student must understand that if the third party agency chooses not to pay for any or all of the tuition, fees, books, and supplies for the student that the student is responsible for payment.  

If the student is receiving assistant from the third party agency, the student is responsible for coming into the Student Accounts Office to ensure that all required documents are received and all requirements are met. The student also has to get the proper paperwork to complete the registration process. The student as well as the third party has up until 45 days after the 14th class day to send documentation for that semester. If this deadline is missed then the agency and student will have to work out reimbursement.

If the student is using the third party agency to pay for books and supplies in the bookstore on campus the student will also need to come to student accounts to get the book voucher for the bookstore. If the student fails to do so and purchases books without the voucher, the student will be responsible for getting reimbursed by third party agency on their own.

The book voucher can only be used at ONCE in the bookstore. The student must purchase all things at one time.  The book voucher has to be used on or by the deadline date.

Third Party Procedure

Third Party invoicing will not begin until after the 14th class day. The student’s tuition, fees, books, and supplies will be deducted from the student’s regular financial aid first. Once the invoicing is done and completed, the credit will be placed on the account. This does not mean the university has been paid by the third party; this is done to clear the student’s account. If the third party does not pay all fees, the student’s account will be charged back and the student will be responsible.

The student Accounts office has 45 days from the 14th class day to apply third party credits.

In the event the third party agency has not paid the balance in full by the end of the semester, the student will be blocked form registration, transcripts and other university services until this is paid in full.

Students should check their banner web accounts and GSU and/or personal email accounts to review account balances and third party payments.

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