Direct Deposit Program

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Students can receive their refunds in one of two ways:

    • Direct Deposit to my personal bank account (preferred method):
      Students that provide the Student Accounts Office with their banking information will have their funds electronically deposited into their checking account avoiding postal delays and a trip to the bank.
    • Check Mailed:
      If a student elects not to participate in the direct deposit program, a paper refund check will be mailed. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain their current mailing address with the Registrar’s department or update it on Banner Web. Incorrect information provided by the student, or postal delays in delivery will further delay receipt of check.
    • Yes. GSU is implementing this program to get the students their refund as quickly as possible. By participating in the direct deposit program, the student will avoid the time it takes for postal delivery and avoid a trip to have the check deposited or cashed. Refunds will be available in your bank account the same day a paper check will be mailed.

    • GSU will process refunds once per week. Each Friday, funds will be either direct deposited into the student’s bank account or mailed to the mailing address provided by the student.

    • A student that has financial aid awarded can use that credit to purchase books at the bookstore on campus if excess funds are available. A student can also use their credit balance to add GFLEX funds for use at the bookstore.

    • The direct deposit program does not have any effect on the type or amount of aid awarded to students. It is simply a more efficient way to distribute refunds as a result of aid being awarded.

    • The steps for a student to participate in the direct deposit program are as follows:

    • Navigate to the Direct Deposit form on the GSU Click on Student Life at GSU. Click Student Services. Click Student Accounts. On the left side, click Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Please download and print the Direct Deposit Authorization form.
    • Deliver the completed form with an original signature and voided check to the Student Accounts Office (located on the 1st floor of Long-Jones Hall) or mail to P.O. Box 25, Grambling, LA  71245 or fax to 318-274-2302.
    • Start enjoying the benefits of direct deposit.
    • It normally takes banking institutions 2 to 3 business days to return direct deposits to the university. The university will reprocess a check for all direct deposits returned due to incorrect banking information within two weeks. The check will be mailed to the mailing address provided by the student in the Banner system. Checks that are returned in the mail due incorrect address will be held at the Cashier’s Office located in Long-Jones Hall on the first floor. At the end of each fiscal year, all checks that are left in the Cashier’s Office with invalid addresses will be sent to the State of Louisiana or Department of Education as unclaimed property.

    • No, the direct deposit bank account must be in the student’s name. The bank accounts have to be the student’s name.

    • Please update the student mailing address on Banner Web under Personal Information. Select Update Addresses and Phone Numbers. Under the Student Mailing Address section, click on current and update the information and click Submit.

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