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You are enrolled in a  On-Line Course. To better prepare and understand the essentials of this Course, and find the the answers to all of your questions and concerns,  review the information provided. 

It is the goal of the Office Distance Education to provide the highest quality support to distance education students. Since most distance students are not on campus in Grambling, our center serves as the liaison for distance students to campus.

GSU offers numerous student services which are listed below. Click the individual service for more information about each specialized student resource.


 What is CANVAS?

   Video Tutorials

Canvas User Interface and Navigation

How to Submit an Assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my username and password?

Your login username is your G number and your password is gsucanvas (this should be changed by you)

2. Where can I go on campus or online to learn how to use CANVAS?

On campus: Nursing Build Rooms 108, 109, and 116

Online: CANVAS resources available online. (Student Tutorials)  ie: How to change your password, how to submit assignments, how to view grades... (Faculty Tutorials) ie: How to change your password, how to create quizzes, how to create assignments, how to use the gradebook...

3. What do I do if my computer (tablet/phone) or internet goes down?

Plan now so if this happens you can still keep up with the coursework. Technical malfunctions may not be accepted as an automatic excuse for late work.

Part of success online and as a professional, is to be prepared. So even if you have your own personal computer with internet access, accidents or issues can come up so that you either lose Internet access or your computer breaks down.

4. How do I use or set up SmarterId?


5. Why are my courses not showing up?

Enrollments occur as students are fed into the system automatically based upon the data available from student accounts and the registrar’s office. Students could be missing for several reasons, including some type of record hold (fees, missing paperwork, etc) or the instructor has the course unpublished.

*please remember to accept your fees via Banner Web

6. Where can I go to find a list of online courses offered by GSU?

7. How can find out who my advisor is?

8. When is refund day?

9. How can find out what is my email password?

10. Where can I get information on parking my vehicle?

11. How getinformation on internet and email?

12. How do I access the electronic library?


Helpful Links

The link below navigates to a Moodle site containing Manuals and Helpful Guides that were written by Moodle Users from all over the world. It contains manuals and guides in English, as well as many other languages. 

The link below navigates to a guide written by St. Martin University. While the information does not correlate exactly to Grambling State University's use of Moodle (e.g. login information will be different, etc.) the basic instructions on how to utilize Moodle features are certainly a helpful tool.

This link navigates to a site containing short tutorial videos. There are a great number of videos available on the site that guide users through virtually every feature of Moodle.