Transfer Student

Students who have attended a regionally, accredited institution since graduating from high school are considered transfer applicants. In order to be admitted, transfer applicants must:

  • submit an application fee of $20,
  • submit proof of immunization, and
  • submit official transcript from EACH regionally, accredited institution attended, regardless if credits appear on another transcript. An official transcript is defined as one mailed directly from one institution to another. It bears the institution's seal, signature of the registrar, the date of issuance, and is issued to Grambling State University – Office of Admissions. (Note: A sealed transcript issued to the student is not official; it must be issued to us), and
  • have earned at least 18 semester hours of college-level course work (excluding developmental courses) – Note: Student must have completed a college-level English and math course designed to fulfill general education requirement, and
  • have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on college-level courses, and
  • be in good standing and eligible to return to the last college or university of attendance

If the transfer applicant has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on college-level work and has earned less than 18 semester hours of course work (excluding developmental courses), the applicant must meet the admission criteria for new first-time freshmen. NOTE: The applicant will be admitted as a transfer student, but will be evaluated using the new freshman criteria.

All transfer coursework will appear on the GSU transcript.  Credit is given for courses, taken at a regionally accredited institution, in which a grade of “C” or better was earned.  The appropriate department head determines if an accepted courses will be used toward a degree. The equivalence of a course taken at an institution within the Louisiana system is determined by the Board of Regents transfer articulation matrices, and Grambling State University.  All other course equivalences are determined by the appropriate department head. We do not accept credits earned at institutions not regionally accredited.

NOTE: You can access the transfer articulation matrices that indicate the correlation of courses among Louisiana’s public colleges and universities by going to the Board of Regents website and viewing the Master Course Articulation Matrix.

Grambling State University Admissions Standard for Transfer Student

  • Must earn minimum of 18 college-level hours
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Eligible to return to previous institution


Transfer Statuses

Probationary Transfer status will be given to all transfer students who have received an admission exception to the minimum GPA requirements of 2.0. Probationary transfer students are given one semester to bring the cumulative GPA to 2.0. (Please note that exceptions are limited and based on GPA.)

Provisional Transfer status will be given to all transfer students prior to completion of the semester in which they are currently enrolled, who meet the requirements of a Regular Transfer.  Receipt of updated transcript (official) will be required before the provisional status is changed to regular transfer status.


Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transfer credits will be evaluated for coursework shown on official transcripts. Transfer credits will be added to the permanent record only for persons who are admitted as degree-seeking students. All courses will be used to calculate the cumulative grade point average.


Note: Falsification of any information or intentional omission of information may lead to refusal of admission or dismissal from the university, if admitted