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KSLS alumni, friends and supports play a significant role in the success of our graduates.  Whether its providing internship opportunities, summer employment, scholarship funding, sponsorship to afford professional conferences, book and tuition assistance, covering lodging and meal expenses to participate in forums, institutes and workshops or presenting informational seminars … your support has been ( and continues to be) invaluable.

This site is KSLS’ attempt to keep “in the loop” informed as to the activities of both KSLS/SPA and more importantly … our future professionals who will be joining you in the global workforce.

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KSLS Alert serves as the primary blog of Kinesiology, Sport and Leisure Studies.  KSLS Alert’s goal is to maintain a connection with all of our majors, alumni, friends, stakeholders, supporters and prospective students informed and up-to-date on KSLS News.  As you follow or blog, you’ll be privy to regular updates highlighting the impact of our students, faculty, and alumni in all areas of KSLS and SPA. Stay connected …

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KSLS Students at Grambling State UniversityCome Join Us … To Make It Happen For Our Students”

Expertly trained and compassionate about our discipline, the KSLS/SPA faculty and staff embraces the University’s mission, “Grambling State University is a comprehensive, historically-black, public institution that offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate programs of study.  Through its undergraduate major courses of study, which are undergirded by a traditional liberal arts program, and through its graduate school, which has decidedly professional focus, the university embraces its founding principle of educational opportunity.  With a commitment to the education of minorities in American society, the university seeks to reflect in all of its programs the diversity present in the world.  The university advances the study and preservation of African American history, art and culture.

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Dr. Eddie G. Robinson, Sr. Endowed Professorship of Sports Administration
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GSU-KSLS alumni, friends and supporters are welcome (or encouraged) to demonstrate your commitment to the current and future success of students in the program through tax-free contribution, donation or gift to various _____.

As GSU – still a publicly state-assisted institution of higher learning – continues to experience budgetary constraints, the need to secure funding from multiple sources has become a necessity.  Your financial support (whatever amount) helps in providing opportunities for KSLS students supplement their classroom experiences and aid faculty to provide the very best in quality instruction.

KSLS/SPA “thanks you” for your continuous support!!