Trademark & Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I am a student or from a department at Grambling State University, do I need to ask permission to use a trademark?
    Yes, it is important for the University to protect the trademarks and controlling their use will maintain their value. To start the request process, please contact the Office of Advancement.
  2. If my product is not going to be resold, do I still have to select a licensed vendor?
    All items bearing University marks must be produced by a licensed vendor regardless if they are for resale or giveaway.
  3. What does Grambling State University do if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace?
    GSU takes seriously the responsibility that comes along with trademark ownership and will take appropriate action to ensure GSU trademarks are adequately protected.
  4. How do I become licensed?
    For information on the licensing process, go to the How to Become Licensed page.
  5. What are the registered marks of Grambling State University?
    A list of GSU’s registered and common law marks can be viewed on the University Marks & Logos .
  6. Who can produce products using GSU trademarks?
    Only those who have been approved through the CLC licensing process.
  7. Is it permissible to add embellishment to a product that I already own?
    No, it is not permissible to embellish products with GSU trademarks.
  8. Can I remove the GSU trademark, so I don’t have to use a licensee?
    No, when ordering a product, the design must contain a GSU trademark to help brand and tie your student organization or department to the University.
  9. Can I use the University’s name or logo on a website?
    All uses of the University trademarks require permission from the Trademark Licensing Office. Please email your request to 
  10. What is the Collegiate Licensing Company?
    CLC is a division of IMG Worldwide and is the nation’s leading collegiate trademark licensing and marketing company. CLC acts as GSU’s exclusive trademark licensing agent.
  11. I am a student organization or a University Department, how do I order a shirt or other GSU branded products?
    For information about ordering GSU branded products please click here.
  12. I have a design that has been used in the past. Do I still need to submit it for approval?
    Yes, each order should be submitted and approved. Branding standards for the University can change. This will ensure your design is current and in-line with branding standards.