State Contracts

PO Type: SC – State Contract Purchase Order is issued to vendor

State Contracts are term contracts for materials, supplies or equipment executed by Division of Administration Office of State Procurement and can be purchased without competitive bidding. These State Contracts can be accessed through LA-eCat , the Louisiana Office of State Procurement’s electronic search engine.

State Contracts should be used only when the materials, supplies or equipment being requisitioned are not available from University Warehouse or University Printing.

When the Purchase exceeds $30,000


Use of LaPS (Louisiana Pricing Schedules) in accordance with LAC 34:1709

LaPS is the acronym that is used to describe those contracts that were established as Brand Name, LaMAS or Multi-State Contracts. The Office of State Procurement established rules to compare products on these contracts where same or similar items appear on more than one contract.

Where LaPS exist for the same or similar item(s), i.e. routers, microcomputers, etc., and the total procurement exceeds $30,000, the following rules will apply to seek the best value decision when making a selection.

  1. Prepare a Request for Responses that may include, if applicable the following: (A Request for Response is an informal process used to make a best value determination)
    1. A performance-based statement of work that includes such things as:
      1. the work to be performed;
      2. location of work;
      3. period of performance;
      4. deliverable schedule;
      5. applicable performance standards;
      6. acceptance criteria;
      7. Any special requirements (e.g., security clearances, special knowledge, );
      8. the products required using a generic description of products and functions whenever possible.
    2. If necessary or applicable, a request for submittal of a project plan for performing the task and information on the contractor's experience and/or past performance performing similar tasks.
    3. A best value determination is one that consider, in addition to underlying contract pricing, such factors as:
      1. Probable life of the item selected;
      2. Environmental and energy efficiency considerations;
      3. Technical qualifications;
      4. Delivery terms;
      5. Warranty;
      6. Maintenance availability;
      7. Administrative costs;
      8. Compatibility of an item within the user's environment; and
      9. User's familiarity with the item or
    4. A request for submittal of a firm-fixed total price for labor and/or products which are no higher than prices in the LaPS contract.
  2. Submit the Request for Response to at least three (3) LaPS contract holders, whenever available, offering functionally equivalent products and/or services that will meet the agency's needs.
  3. Evaluate Responses and Select the Contractor to Receive the Order:
    1. After responses have been evaluated, the order shall be placed with the contractor that represents the best value that meets the agency's needs. The ordering agency should give preference to small-entrepreneurships or small and emerging businesses when two or more contractors can provide the services and/or products at the same firm-fixed total price.
    2. The ordering agency shall document in the procurement file the evaluation of the contractors' responses that formed the basis for the selection. The documentation shall identify the contractor from which the services and/or products were purchased, the services and/or products purchased, and the cost of the resulting purchase order.
    3. Purchases shall not be artificially divided to avoid the requirements of this section when recurring requirements for same products are known.
    4. Noting herein relieves a state agency from following Office of Information Technology requirements for submission of IT 10 requests, for annual IT budget requests, or mid-year budget adjustment requests.

A listing of all contracts applicable to this section will be maintained on the Office of State Procurement’s website