Frequently Asked Questions

You should submit your application immediately after your first report card in your senior year.  We can grant conditional acceptance using your 6th, 7th, or 8th semester transcript.

No.  The “G” number is automatically generated when your application is received.  Because other offices on the campus require your “G” number to process their services, we provide your “G” number in all correspondence from our office.

Grambling State University accepts the ACT and SAT Reasoning for admission and placement purposes.  The ACT and SAT are administered several times each year.  Students are advised to begin taking the test in the ninth grade, and at least once each year until graduation.  The more often the student takes the test, the more familiar and comfortable the student becomes taking it.  We will accept the single highest test score.    Our academic scholarships are offered based on the final high school GPA and the composite ACT.  For students who take the SAT, we will convert the SAT verbal and math scores to its equivalent ACT composite.  Note:  Academic scholarships are awarded on a first-come/first-serve basis.  The priority deadline for offering academic scholarships is December 1st.  Students meeting the qualifications for an academic scholarship are automatically recommended to receive an offer; therefore, no application is required.  However, you must have taken the ACT/SAT prior to December 1st in order to receive a scholarship offer.

You must complete the admission process and get admitted to the University before financial aid can be awarded, or room assignments can be made.  You can visit, and view the fee schedule to get a general estimate of the cost of attendance.

There are academic and non-academic ways in which the out-of-state fees can be exempt.  Visit for details.

No.  However, legacy students from out-of-state are assessed in-state fees.

The initial application for which you apply can be transferred to the subsequent term only.  If a term will pass between the initial application term and the term you enroll, you will have to submit a new application.

If you fail to enroll for a regular term (fall or spring), you are required to reapply for admission.  This is true regardless of the reason for not enrolling (suspension, medical reasons, etc.)

If you graduate from the University, you must reapply for admission.

No.  Multiple applications delay processing.  You should email us at, and we will send your Web ID and reset your PIN.

All application updates will be sent to the email you provided when submitting the application.  Once you have been admitted to the University, an official acceptance package will be mailed to the mailing address you provided on the application.  Note:  Please do not use email addresses from social networking websites or “gmail”, and “ymail”.  Our system experiences problems sending messages to these email accounts.  You must keep us informed if your email and/or mailing address changes.

Using the Web ID and PIN you created when starting your online application, you can return to Banner Web (“Apply for Admission”) to check the status of your application.  If you forget your Web ID or PIN, please do not submit another application.  Email us at, and we will send your Web ID and reset your PIN.

Yes.  Scholarships cannot be awarded until you have gone through the admission process and been admitted to the University.

Room assignments cannot be made until you have been admitted to the University.  Once you receive notification of your acceptance, you should complete the housing application and submit the housing fees.

Once you have been admitted to the University, your academic advisor will receive your alternate PIN.  The alternate PIN must be used to register for classes.  You must contact your major department to receive academic advising in order to receive the alternate PIN.

All hours attempted will be used to calculate the required cumulative GPA.  The total number of quality points are divided by the number of GPA hours to get the GPA.

Yes.  Our policy requires an official transcript from all schools attended, even if the credits appear on another transcript.  We enter transfer credits directly from official transcripts of the institution only.

Yes.  Once you have established academic history after graduating from high school, you do not have the option to disregard it.  Most schools report student enrollment to the National Student Clearinghouse.  Grambling State University utilizes that database to determine prior enrollment for all students applying for admission.  If you have prior enrollment at another school, you are required to submit an official transcript from the school.  This is true even if you withdrew from the school.

If your cumulative GPA is at least 2.0, but you have less than 18 college-level credits, you can be admitted if you meet the criteria of a new freshman.  You will still be considered a transfer student.

No.  Our policy states that a student who cannot obtain an official transcript from a prior school due to indebtedness is ineligible to enroll at GSU.

An official transcript is defined as one issued to Grambling State University.  When the student requests an official transcript to be picked up and delivered to the school, many schools place it in a sealed envelope.   However, when we open the envelope, we find that the transcript is either stamped “Issued to Student” or the “Issued to:” field has the student’s name in it.  This renders the transcript unofficial and unacceptable.  We recommend that you request that an official transcript is mailed to us.  Alternately you can use our request for transcript form that can be found on our website on the Admissions Documents and Forms page.

The classification of a student is automatically calculated according to the number of credit hours that are on the student’s academic record.  Transfer credits are applied to the academic records of students enrolled as degree-seeking.

Our campus tours are conducted by volunteer student tour guides Monday through Friday by appointment only, at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  Campus tours are also conducted one designated Saturday each month.  Saturday tours are always conducted at 10:00 am, unless noted otherwise.  To request a campus tour, you should visit our website at, and complete the Campus Tour Request form.  Confirmation of your scheduled tour will be emailed to you.