Motto: “Planting Seeds to Help You Grow”

Emergency Crisis Information

It is with great honor to service you here at Grambling State University Student Counseling and Wellness Resource Center (SCWRC) !

Leaving home to pursue a career can be life changing, these changes may cause growth, and the transition may even catch you by surprise. Grambling State University SCWRC is highly qualified to assist college students through these times of adjustment. In providing service, SCWRC motto is to plant healthy seeds into the lives of our students to help them grow.  SCWRC acknowledge the stress connected with the pressures of academic as well as the environmental and cultural changes students may experience. With the help of our staff these difficulties can often be alleviated through professional therapy.

SCWRC offers a variety of services to properly meet the needs of GSU students who are currently enrolled.  We offer free individual & group therapy, 24 hours crisis intervention on-call service, outreach, and disability services and much more (click for additional services). The center offer self-help (click virtual pamphlets sponsored by the SCWRC.

Based on recent year approximately 1500 students use our counseling services during an academic year. Many of the reason the student utilizes service include relational issues such as (having problems with family, friends, roommates or significant others), anxiety, stress related issues, decision-making, depression, alcohol or other substances, eating problem, self-worth, self-image, sexual violence issues, and healthy choices and healthy relationships.

If  there ever a time you or someone you may have contact sense  a need to utilize and profit from our services, please call our office or come by, walk-ins are accepted.   SCWRC will either provide the help that you need or assist in finding the referral you need.

Dr. M. Coleen Speed, PhD., LMFT #726


Grambling State University’s Student Counseling and Wellness Resources Center’s Mission is dedicated to empowering students to make informed decisions, healthy choices, make an obligation to care for self and others, and obtain  ultimate levels of wellness to live a productive and peaceful life.

The staff at the Grambling State Student Counseling and Wellness Resource Center believes that the development of the whole person is critical to the academic mission and the strategic plan of the campus. Intellectual development is synonymous with the personal, social, physical and spiritual. We provide comprehensive services to aid in this development. Our belief is that wellness helps students become more responsible for their lives and to understand the factors that affect their well-being. Students are more resilient to meeting demands and challenges when they make informed and reflective decisions.