Registrar's Office

Course Withdrawal and Drop Policy

Effective Date: April 25, 2019
Revised Date:  April 25, 2019
Responsible Office:  Office of the Registrar
Division:  Academic Affairs

    1. To ensure that students drop courses or withdraw from the university according to University guidelines.
    1. Students may drop courses or may withdraw with grades of “W” up to a specified date following mid-term. The last day to drop courses or withdraw from the university is published in the University academic calendar.
    2. After the published date, students may not drop courses or withdraw from the University. Students with extraordinary circumstances that require them to leave the University should seek an administrative withdrawal by submitting a request in writing with documentation to the University Registrar. Dissatisfaction with an anticipated grade or a decision to change a major is not cause for an administrative withdrawal. The student must show direct cause for his/her hardship, and must appeal immediately after the hardship. The instructor cannot change a grade to “W.”
    3. If a student receives approval for an administrative withdrawal after the published date, the grade of “W” shall be assigned in all courses. If a student does not drop courses or withdraw officially from the University, the grade of “F” shall be assigned to all courses and he/she forfeits the right to a statement of honorable dismissal.
    4. The statute of limitations for an appeal of a change in official academic records is 120 days after the end of the semester/session in which the grade is in question.

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