Grambling State University (GSU) has partnered with IBM to provide training in key in demand technology areas for students, faculty and staff. Through this partnership training will be provided in critical areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, data science, quantum computing, along with professional development learning paths. 

GSU students earn digital badges at the completion of many courses. IBM digital badges demonstrate a level of proficiency, and can be displayed on social media (including LinkedIn), and are beneficial in securing employment. (

See the below for information on how to create an IBM account, the various IBM training opportunities and how to register for them.

An IBM account is needed in order to access IBM Learning resources. Using your wvsu email-id you can create an account following the steps below.

1. Visit or the QR code below, and click “Create an IBMid”.

2. In the next screen, enter your wvsu email address, first and last name and a password as per requirements. Click Next.

3. Verify using the email you received and finish creating account after entering the information asked.

The following basic/foundational courses are currently offered by IBM and are suitable for freshmen and high-school students.

Freshmen are recommended to take atleast one of the following self-paced foundational level courses.
Getting Started with Threat Intelligence and Hunting

This is a foundational course on Cybersecurity, providing an understanding of the impact of cybersecurity threats on industries and society, and understanding of the concepts related to the adoption of cybersecurity hardening practices within the enterprise.

Pre-requisites: Basic IT Literacy.

Duration: 5 hours

Recognition: Upon successful completion, student will earn the Getting Started with Threat Intelligence and Hunting - Foundational-level badge. 

Course Link

Getting Started with Enterprise Data Science

Data Science is a multidisciplinary approach, which encompasses preparing data for analysis, data analysis and presentation of results, revealing patterns and drawing conclusions from them. In this foundational course on Data Science, the student will explore how people, processes, and technology interact in a data science project lifecycle, tackling real-world industry challenges.

Pre-requisites: Basic IT Literacy.

Duration: 5 hours

Recognition: Upon successful completion, student will earn the Getting Started with Enterprise Data Science badge. 

Course Link

Getting Started with Enterprise-grade AI

This is a survey course, exposing the learner ethical adoption of AI technologies for the enterprise. The course covers the following topics: AI Evolution, AI Industry Adoption Trends, Natural Language Processing and Virtual Agents.

Pre-requisites: Basic IT Literacy.

Duration: 5 hours

Recognition: Upon successful completion, student will earn the Getting Started with Enterprise Data Science badge. 

Course Link

IBM's Security Learning Academy provides cybersecurity curricula, with cloud access and hands-on learning experience to expand and develop skills in cybersecurity sector. The courses are grouped into various Roadmaps, targetted towards developing skill-sets required for various areas of Cybersecurity. These are self-paced courses and the student will earn badges upon completion.

GSU is one of the 20 universities in the USA working with IBM to create Cybersecurity Leadership Centers. Access the GSU customized learning portal for IBM's Security Learning Academy.

Visit the following link to watch a video on how to register on the Security Learning Academy.

IBM provides over 20 badges/certifications in the areas of cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, quantum computing, IoT, etc.

Click here to learn about all IBM training opportunities.

All IBM training is free for all courses that are offered as “for-credit” courses under any under-graduate or graduate course offerings, including all self-paced and instructor-led courses.

There may be an associated fee for non-credit courses such as workshops or bootcamps, using the IBM Skills Academy material. Look at specific announcements in this category for fee details.
Students will receive quality training using IBM’s learning resources and computational infrastructure.
    • Upon completion of training, they will receive IBM badges, verified and issued by Acclaim.
    • The badges are a testimony of skills gained and the skill sets will add weightage in resume and in any applications for jobs or higher education.

This live presentation will provide a better understanding of how a Security Operations Team works to provide consistent oversight of customers within a suite of security products.

Register through GSU’s customized Security Learning Academy Portal

The Speed Mentoring Program facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that connect students with leaders in IBM to learn and develop. Speed mentoring helps you to expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights, and build new skills.

A fast paced 60 minutes with IBM Tech Talk HBCU vs HBCU Student Wednesdays! Join industry leaders and students in this discussion with questions from students and connections to leaders that you have been requesting.

Link to current events will be shared via email.

For help or more information contact,

Dr. Derrick Warren
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