Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation LAMP

Supplemental Peer Review

A group of more advanced students with proven academic performance will provide tutorial sessions for chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

1. Selection of the supplemental peer instructors

Students with proven academic performance on a Gatekeeper course may write a letter to the department head of the course to apply for the supplemental peer instructor position. The application letter should include your name, social security number, major, classification and willingness of becoming a supplemental peer instructor. Your proposed schedule and timing for tutoring should also be included. The department head will make his recommendation to the LAMP Office. Upon receiving the recommendation, the Office will evaluate and report to the Dean for final approval.

2. The schedule, room numbers, and contact information

When the selection process is over, the Office will post all the supplemental peer instructors’ names, schedules, locations, etc. on the LAMP Information Board. We will also email you the above information. All the students are encouraged to take advantage of participating the sessions.