Campus Tour FAQ

Will the tour guide be able to answer specific questions about my department? Can I talk to an academic advisor during my visit?

Our tour guides are trained to provide a general base of information; they will not have answers to specific questions about the various majors. We recommend that you contact your academic advisor after the tour has ended. 

Can you accommodate large groups?

Group tours are welcome; however, we required a minimum two-week notice. Tours for large groups (10 or more) will be conducted on the bus on which the group arrives. We require 1 chaperone for every 10 students. As our campus tour program is also a recruiting tool, when completing the tour request form, we ask that the prospective student information be completed for all juniors and seniors that will be visiting the campus. If this information is not available at the time your tour is scheduled, it can be submitted upon your arrival.

Spring recruitment is our busiest time of the year, as we give extensive campus tours to our newly-admitted students and their families during this period. For this reason, we may not be able to accommodate visits from elementary and middle school groups during this peak period.

Is on-campus lodging available?

Our campus tour program does not accommodate overnight guests. However, a list of nearby, affordable hotels is listed below:

What if I can’t get to Grambling on a weekday?

Campus tours are conducted one Saturday each month by appointment only

Another option is the self-guided tour. The self-guided tour includes a script describing all areas of the regularly guided tour. If you elect to take the self-guided tour, you must check in with University Police upon arrival to the campus. You can pick up a copy of the self-guided tour at University Police, or request one by emailing us at

How do I request a campus tour?

Once you have selected a tour date, complete a Campus Tour Reservation Form. A cell phone number for the primary contact is required for all tour requests. When the tour has been scheduled, you will receive e-mail confirmation with the date, time of tour, and name of your tour guide. To confirm proper notification of your tour, you must verify that you received the tour confirmation. YOUR TOUR REQUEST IS NOT FINALIZED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A TOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.