Favrot Student Union Board

The Favrot Student Union Board is a student based organization through which six committees organize a variety of student activities. Each committee has chairpersons that organizes events and reports to the board weekly. The Advisory board consists of the following: president, vice president, administrative assistant, business manager, chairpersons/co chairpersons, and several representatives. The professional staff offers support and guidance to ensure compliance with the university’s regulations. Every student can become a member of the Favrot Student Union Board.

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The Committees:

Activities and Cultural

This is probably the most diverse committee of them all. The Artistic and Cultural Committee invites its members to share their ideas and customs.  This committee helps unite students of all cultures with events such as: International Student Awareness, Art Exhibition, and Cultural & Diversity Week

Featured Attractions

This committee is responsible for all events that are thought as added attractions and special events.  Events include: Miss Calendar Girl Scholarship Pageant, Coronation of Miss Grambling State University, BET College Tour, Casino Night, weekend concerts, etc.


Hosting is this committee's specialty. The committee offers you the chance to have a good time with events that encourage social interaction and host entertainers that visit our university.


This committee is responsible for added amenities.  These events include: Haunted House, Tournaments, Karaoke Night, etc.


Calling all students interested in promoting, advertising, and public relations! This is the committee for you. The Publicity Committee is responsible for promoting all FSUB activities by utilizing the university’s media outlets such as KGRM Radio Station, The GSU TV Center, The Gramblinite, as well as posting flyers and posters.


This committee keeps the Tiger Spirit alive by planning activities such as the Student Choice Awards, Mardi Gras Parade, Homecoming, and Tiger Fest.

Favrot Student Union Board 2012-2013 Photo Gallery