Cloud Computing Degree Program

The B.S. in Cloud Computing at Grambling State University offers a high quality educational program for developing cloud computing professionals. The core course requirements provide the students with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully evaluate the cloud database design, understanding of cloud network, network virtualization, and understanding and working projects related to AWS, google cloud, Microsoft Azure Solutions, and IBM cloud.

AWS Connections in LA Infographic

The main focus of this degree program is to concentrate on specific areas of interest in cloud infrastructure, such as migrating data and applications in cloud, cloud networking, network virtualization, cloud storage organization, green computing, and mobile cloud computing. The B.S. in Cloud Computing is designed for future ABET accreditation. The Department of Computer Science & Digital Technologies has developed the following program educational objectives and student outcomes for all graduates of cloud computing program.

Program Educational Objectives 

  • To train cloud computing professionals to meet the needs of business, industry, educational institutions and government agencies of the state of Louisiana.
  • To increase capability in cloud computing for the benefit of the state and nation.
  • To provide knowledge of the latest techniques in cloud computing for computer professionals in the state and offer excellent opportunities for professional advancement

Student Outcomes 

  • Analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the discipline.
  • Communicate effectively with a range of audiences about technical information.
  • Make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.
  • Function effectively in teams to establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, manage risks and produce deliverables.
  • Apply cloud principles and practices to the environment, hardware, software, and human aspects of a system.

Enrollment Data

Year 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 2024-2025
Enrollment 24      
Graduates N/A      


Contact Information:

Dr. Prasanthi Sreekumari, Assistant Professor/Interim Department Head

Dr. Bharat Rawal
Department Head
Department of Computer Science & Digital Technologies
College of Arts & Sciences, 403 Main Street - Box 4257
Grambling, Louisiana 71245
Phone: (318) 274-2421, Fax: (318) 274-3230