Checking In & Checking Out

Checking In                                                                                                                                         

Fall Check-In 2024

  • The student must show picture ID.
  • Proof of G-SAFE app
  • The student must complete a Residence Check-in/Check-out Form and Inventory Form (UCR).
  • The student must receive a copy of the Campus Living and the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Mandatory meeting attendance August 13, 2024 @ 2:00pm 

The student will receive key when  steps one thur four are completed.

Checking Out

At the end of each semester/session, you must return your room key to the Resident Assistant/Area Coordinator or Campus Living Staff personnel before leaving. Before you check-out of the room, the Campus Living Staff must check the room to compare the check-in sheet with the current condition of the room; if anything is different, you will be charged for any damages that may have occurred. The following are to be completed before checking out of your room:

  • TRASH-Remove trash from room and cans;
  • CLOSET(S), DRAWERS AND LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT(S)-Remove all foreign objects;
  • DESK(S)-Clean and dust;
  • WALLS-Remove decals, tape, paper, adhesive and/or other foreign objects;
  • FLOOR(S)-Sweep and mop;
  • WINDOW(S)-Closed and locked;
  • BLIND(S)-Closed and pulled;
  • LIGHT(S)-Must be turned off before leaving room;
  • ROOM KEY(S)-Student must return room key to the Residential Hall Staff; and
  • SIGN-Sign the necessary paperwork.

The above requirements must be met before you are officially checked-out of the Residence Hall.

Check-Out During Semester

A student who desires to check-out of school must first go to the Registrar's Office to initiate formal withdrawal from the University. Then:

  • Remove all of your personal belongings from your room. Make sure that your room is clean and orderly and that all furniture is in place.
  • Contact your Area Coordinator to have your room properly checked. At this time the two of you will inspect your room for damages using the Room Check-in/Check-out Form or UCR. The Area Coordinator will lock the door when the inspection is complete and take your key.
  • Any charges for damages, missing furniture, or lost key(s) will be assessed by the Area Coordinator and/or Tiger Village Management. You will receive notice of the approximate damage costs, if applicable. Once you receive an official financial statement, payment should be made immediately to the University Cashier's Office.